Saturday, March 9, 2013

PMD: Personal Microderm System Review

If you've been following the blog you might know that I've been battling new adult skin issues lately.  I'm actively trying products and systems to find what works for me and hopefully sharing my experience will help someone else along the way.

I've heard a lot of positivity regarding microdermabrasion but the procedure is pricey and when would I find time to make an appointment with a doctor!? The PMD is a system for home use but the idea is the same; getting rid of dead skin cells and allowing new healthier skin come to the surface.

The idea of removing skin, even if it's dead skin, was a bit intimidating.  I made sure to watch the instructional video, follow on Twitter and Facebook to read what others were saying and read the manual a couple times before using the system.  I have to say my concern was a bit silly. After watching the included video I actually came across the PMD YouTube account and it helped ease my mind even more.  The system comes with a training disc to help the user get acquainted  with using it.  It also comes with two sizes- smalled discs for the face and larger ones for the body!  I haven't used it on my body yet but I'm certainly not opposed to it.  The system also comes with different intensity levels of discs; the white is the training, blue is for sensitive skin and green is great for tougher skin.

The system uses suction and exfoliation and my skin felt softer and even smoother almost immediately.  I am getting ready to use this system for the second time- it's recommended to wait at least 6-7days between treatments.  After using the PMD your skin care products work so much better, too, because you've removed the dead skin from blocking the products you already own from really penetrating and working on your skin.  For me, these are blemish control products but it's the same for any facial (or body) topical products you may be using.  I love the this product and I'm excited to conintue to see the results of using it.  It's easy to use (once you read the instructions, of course) and it works; what more could I ask for?!

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