Saturday, March 9, 2013 Workout Gear is an awesome new way to get quality workout gear at a great price!  I've been working hard to tone up and get healthy and love my Love Struck Leggings!  They look good and are really fashionable but the most important part, for me, is that they suck everything in and help me keep my core tight while working out! 

Just some of the options from the February Collection

It's like a monthly subscriptions box (I love subscription boxes!) for workout clothing- and you pick what's in the box!  Each month there are new styles to pick from and the quality of the pieces are great!  Each month the collection has many options for you to choose from- last month I picked one of the most popular pants; the Love Struck Leggings and the top, The Vixen, is cute and came with a built in sports bra (score!).  The Vixen top is a little tight on my tummy area but that's exactly why I'm working out and after a few weeks I suspect it'll fit perfectly!

You can shop as a non-member too, but the perks for becoming a member are awesome.  Free shipping and two pieces from he collection for only $49.95.  It may sound like a lot but when you consider the fact that each piece sells for anywhere from $35-$69 and the free shipping it really is a good deal.  Plus these items are meant to last; from experience, they can take a beating from a high intensity work out and live to tell the tale.  They are also perfect for running, yoga and any other workout activity you can think of.

When you join Ellie it first prompts you to take a style quiz to help determine which pieces you might love but don't worry!  You can choose from all the options regardless of your answers. Ellie wants to create quality fashionable pieces that women can feel confident while wearing.  From personal experience, I always seem to have a better workout when I feel good in the workout gear I'm sporting.  I feel more put together and ready to really conquer the workout when I'm dressed to impress rather than in Hubs-To-Be's old comfy wear (although those old t-shirts are perfect to sleep in!).

I'm excited for my March order!  Looking good helps me WANT to workout...well at least it helps me tolerate it!

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