Monday, March 11, 2013

Bridal Shower and Etsy Love: TaylorCraftsEngraved

Beautifully Crafted Personalized Gifts

My wonderful Maid of Honor (my cousin/BFF) and my great aunt threw me a wonderful and amazing bridal shower a couple weeks ago.  When they started asking me what kind of gifts I'd like, in case guests asked for guidance, I named off a few things.  Without realizing it, I named off all kitchen items!  They ran with that idea and through a fun kitchen themed bridal shower!  It was perfect, small, intimate and fun.

TaylorCraftsEngraved on Etsy offered to send me my very own personalized wedding gift and it came just in time for the bridal shower!  TaylorCrafts Engraved  has beautifully crafted cutting boards and humidors with unique designs.  These are perfect for wedding, anniversary or house warming gifts.  I absolutely adore this piece.  It's truly a piece of art.  I opted to get the display stand and I currently have it on my kitchen counter.  I've already gotten compliments on it and I love seeing it during the many hours I spend in the kitchen on a daily basis.  It certainly puts a smile on my face- this personalized cutting board has my soon-to-be last name and the date of our wedding, it's perfect.

I can certainly use the cutting board for practical reasons, too.  And I got the Butcher Block and Conditioner to help take care and keep this cutting board for a long time to come!

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I hadn't planned on doing the whole groom's gift but I am seriously considering a personalized humidor for Hubs-To-Be. Did you exchange gifts, if so what did you give each other?


  1. That is so beautiful. I really need a cutting board, but would be too afraid of damaging it to even use it. It's so awesome.

  2. That is beautiful! I think it would make a nice serving platter for cheese and crackers, I'd probably never cut on it because it's so beautiful. Awesome job with the engraving! :)

  3. that is so nice I would never be able to use it.

  4. That is way too beautiful to cut on, you need 2 lol. One to display like a plaque soon as you walk into the house, and another for a cutting board.

  5. I agree, you need another to actually use. That is just too beautiful to be chopping on day in & day out.

  6. I really love this. It's so nice, I would hate cutting on it, but it makes a wonderful conversation piece that you can actually get use out of.

  7. Oh, I love this! This is so elegant and what a beautiful gift! Thanks, this is going in my weddings coming up this year but I'm sure there will be lots more soon.


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