Monday, November 12, 2012

Mediterranean Snacks and Giveaway

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, my kids love to snack (ok, ok, maybe I do too…).  We got the chance to try some yummy options from
All Natural Mediterranean Snacks and the kids were over joyed because the Veggies Straws are already one of their favorites! I was excited to try one of the products I’d seen online, the HummuZ Crispz,  Luckily, we have no allergies and we love to try new things so when I was asked what we’d like to try I simply mentioned my intrigue with these HummuZ Crispz and the children’s love for the veggie straws.  When the package arrived we were excited to see all these snacks to try!  The snacks are gluten free, high in fiber and protein (and low in fat! Yay for me!).

The kids already loved the Veggie Straws and immediately wanted to tear into them.  Who am I to argue when they are begging for a healthy snack!? (And yes, this is them begging for these snacks after trick-or-treating...that's how much they love them).  The crunch and the shape help satisfy their salty junk food cravings without the junk food part! My favorite was the Lentil Roasted Pepper chips, although I was a fan of all of them (honorable mention HummuZ Crispz Roasted Pepper and Roasted Garlic with a touch of hummus to bring out all the flavors!).  I thought the Lentil Roasted Pepper Chips might be a bit spicy so I made the kids wait until I’d tasted them first.  I was pleasantly surprised they had a mild  but yummy taste but was sure the kids wouldn’t like the flavor- I readily allowed them to try them.  I am rarely wrong (hehe) but I was in the case.  My three year old especially loved these ones, too! 

You can find Mediterranean snacks on Facebook and Twitter.  They have storefronts on Amazon and!

You can buy them here from Amazon!

Want to win your own mixed case of snacks?  Enter below!

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