Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reduce Vision Water Pitcher and Water Week (Plus Pitcher Giveaway)!

I was thrilled when I found out ReduceEveryday was giving me the opportunity to share some of their products and vision with my readers.  The Vision Water Pitcher and WaterWeek are perfect for my family. 

I hate to admitt it but, I do not drink nearly as much water as I should.  Thank goodness the kids do not take after me, they'll happily gulp water with no regard. Buying packs of water bottles can get pricey and I know in the back of my head what it's doing to the enviroment.  But tap water just, well, tastes gross.  Even my water drinking kids can tell the difference. So getting the chance to use this product in my home was exciting.  And I couldn't wait.

When I opened up the package I was very impressed with the style of this pitcher.  It seemed sophisticate and was very visually appealling. It's made of Stainless-Steel and didn't show fingerprints (an amzing feat with all these kids!). It came with a filter and that was extremely easy to pop right in.  It also holds 10 cups!

The WaterWeek set is five water bottles- no big excitement, there, right? WRONG!  It's 5 bottles and a holder/fridge tray to place neatly in the fridge; the bottles go easily in and come right out and it looks so much nicer than bottles unorganized and strewn about in there.  Can you tell I love this part, any excuse to add a little organization in my life! The bottles are great colors and designs; I went with the Spectrum II set and as soon as my family members saw them they called 'dibs' on which one they wanted.  That actually works out nicely for our family of 5.  We also recieved the Pop-Up Tops for our busy lifestyle, and the kids' extracurriculars, but truthfully even the baby is able to use these with the regular lid/opening. We fill the bottles and refill the filter so there's always cold, pure, clean water to drink. 

Pouring and taking a photo with ease!
We can all taste the difference and I love that we're helping do our part a bit in keeping our earth cleaner; and it certainly doesn't hurt that it's helping us save money! 

ReduceEveryday has generously decided to host a giveaway for one Vision Water Pitcher!  Enter Below! You can also find these products and more here!

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  1. Wow, never seen anything like these here in NE-PA. Plz let me know where you purchased? As I have allergies to the water up here an spend a small fortune buying bottled water for me and my family. Even our fur-babies drink the bottled water. Thx it would be a blessing to win it though... ;-)

    1. It really is a great system! You can find all the products here or use use the links in the post above. I absolutely recommend it especially with your allergies. Hope you entered the giveaway and good luck!

  2. Oh that is organization and eye candy all in one. It sounds like it filters very well. I do love the unique design and that it hold so much! 10 cups is awesome. Going to enter now!

  3. wow I have never heard of this product but it looks awesome! I love the design on the bottles! thanks for a great review and the chance to win!

  4. I love this and the bottles are beyond cute too!

  5. I spend so much buying bottled water and have never heard of this one, the bottles are adorable! Thanks for the great review

  6. would love to win. Could use it


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