Friday, June 21, 2013

Disney Pixar: Monsters University

'Scaring' My Thoughts With You!

I feel like I'm been seeing trailers for Monsters University for over a year now.  The anticipation was building and I was like a kid waiting for Christmas to hear more news about it's release.  I am a HUGE Monsters Inc. fan, the movie was adorable and humorous and all around a winner.  So I had high expectations for the prequel 'Monsters University'.

My expectations were exceeded!  This truly was a heart warming and entertaining movie all about how our favorite monster team came to be.  It's a tale of determination, self discovery and teamwork.  It's full of funny moments for both the kids and adults watching which, for me, is a true sign of a winning movie!

This movie centers around Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Sully) and their time at the prestigious Monsters University.  Mike has dreamed of attending MU since he was young and has dreamed of being a 'scarer' just as long.  Sully has a famous last name and things come seemingly easy for him in the Scare Program; which frustrates Mike, who works hard studying for school.  Mike and Sully are not instant friends (far from it!) and after a series of unfortunate events, find themselves needing each other and band together, along with some other very fun characters, to save their college careers!

The animation was, of course, wonderfully done, no surprise there.  My 4 year old sat through the whole thing and did not ask once if it was over or if we can go home.  This is a big deal for him!  He loves movies but can bore quickly.  Monster's University kept him interested and engaged and he was laughing right along with me at the antics these monsters got into.  After the movie he told me I was 'the best mom ever' for taking him to see this movie!  I should note that he has seen some of Monsters Inc. but hasn't watched in entirely (I think he was too young to sit for that long when I tried a while back) but he seemed to understand even without the knowledge of the Monsters Inc. plot.

I highly recommend this movie to all families!  This is one you all will enjoy!

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