Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dish Washing Made Easy With Cascade Platinum! #Sponsored Post

We bought our home two years ago and the first appliance purchase I've ever made was a dishwasher for our new home. 

I will admit in the past I have used only dishwashing soaps that were on sale paying little to no attention to the quality.  After all, dishwashing soap is dishing washing soap, right?  Boy, was I wrong!

I started noticing the need to run a load two time or hand wash certain items after it ran.  I also know that Hubs refuses to pre-wash.  He says what's the point of washing before you wash them?  I get it- kinda like cleaning the house before a housekeeper comes (not that I know that luxury well or anything, but you get the idea!).

Then I saw the cool design and awesome facts of Cascade Platinum  and was really excited to try it.  Mom Central Consulting sent me a pack of 14 and I opened it right away (I do a load of dishes a day it seems like).  The small squares really pack a punch! I'm already in love with the grease fighting power of Dawn and the Cascade Platinum has that quality right in the small pouch.  I didn't need to run my washer twice and my dishes came out sparkling. 

The biggest thing for me is eliminating the need to nag Hubs about pre-washing the dishes!  There's no need to even think about prewashing anymore.  Cascade Platinum gets rid of the worse kind of stuck on food, too.  Dried spaghetti sauce or clumps of unused catsup (my kids request it but rarely use it)? No problem.  I love that! 

I try to include a lot of recipe posts on my site.  I personally love to cook and bake and love finding new (and easy) recipes.  With recipe sharing come food photos!  I love that I have sparkling dishes and clean for photos and presentation.  Cascade Platinum has teamed up with Gail Simmons (one of my favorite judges on Top Chef) to share why presentation is important and how Cascade Platinum can really help put 'your best food forward'.

Check out the fun Instagram #MyPlatinum and @MyCascade Contest! Two weekly winners and one final grand prize winner will be picked! Check out the rules and guidelines- I'll be entering!

Want to know more about Cascade Platinum?  Check them out on Facebook!

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and is part of a Mom Central Consulting campaign.  I received the product to review and as always, my opinions are 100% my own.  If you have more questions regarding this please check out:


  1. Looks like it works well. That cup is really shining!

  2. I loved my Cascade! It works so great! Thanks for sharing the newest product!


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