Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wedding Bouquets (Etsy Love:SpringDews)

I knew from day one I didn't want live flowers at my wedding.  There are a few reasons:
1) Flowers are expensive
2) (cut) Flowers Die and I hate the idea of cutting flowers to have them look pretty for a day.

I had grand plans of making my bouquets.  I considered a brooch bouquet and recycled paper flowers and started researching how-tos.  And then the reality of time set in and I realized I didn't want that added stress! So I set out to find an inexpensive and beautiful alternative.

I went to one of my favorite sites and started searching all around Etsy.  I quickly realized brooch bouquets were WAY out of my price range.  Which was ok, because I started to worry to bling of a brooch bouquet would compete with my dress. 

Photo Credit: Auntie Mary
I found SpringDews and loved what I saw- the prices where great and the bouquets were gorgeous.  I asked the owner if she could work in some recycled and reused paper and she obliged!  I told her my wedding colors and what I was looking for in bouquets.  I wanted the bridesmaids and maid of honor to have different bouquets and Jelly Bean to have one similar to mine (but smaller).

I loved what she came up with!  They truly were perfect.  One of my bridesmaids is now using hers as a centerpiece in her home and I plan to display Jelly Bean's and mine in our home, too! 

I highly recommend SpringDews! You can order bouquets, single flowers, boutonnieres and more.  The single ones are perfect for DIY bouquets and crafts or you can get something custom made, like I did. She offers paper and fabric!

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  1. I will admit I wasn't sure what to expect of the paper bouquets but you converted me. I love the everlasting flowers that brighten my home now! You also have some beautiful ladies in your life. ;)


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