Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Carseat for Baby G: Saving Up and Making a Decision

Baby G is almost two- well, we have a few months to go but I've already started searching for car seats because the boys' GiGi and PopPop (their great-grandma and great grandpa) have a seat for K but not for Baby G.  They usually only travel as far as the neighborhood park which is a pretty easy walk but I completely understand their desire to have a safe car seat 'just-in-case'.
Baby G's First Birthday Seems Like Yesterday!

Although I love to save and be frugal where I can, car seat choices are too important.  Researching your choices for what you need for your family's lifestyle, your car, your child and reading reviews from other consumers can really narrow it down for you.  Of course, finding a sale on a seat you are already considering is always icing on the cake! 

Britax car seats seem to be a favorite among parents and I am currently in love with both the Britax Pinnacle and the Britax Frontier.  For us, this would be considered a large purchase, which means planning ahead and saving, which is exactly what we're doing!

I drive a Prius and have two car seats in the back for the boys and there still needs to be room for Jelly Bean to sit in the middle safely.  These two Britax car seats seem to be thin enough to allow room in my somewhat small backseat, they are convertible which means they will work as a booster later on and they both go up to 90 lbs!

It's a tough choice when shopping for car seats and I'm still making my final decisions.  I have a few months to save and choose...but I have a feeling these months will fly by and Baby G will be 2 before I even know it!

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  1. These are some great car seats! We have one for my daughter! -Amy

  2. Those look like some really nice car seats. :)

  3. We have a Britax Marathon, Roundabout, and Fronteir and love them all! You will not regret your purchase!

  4. I don't think we will need a car seat anytime soon, but I love your post! Your little bean is so cute! I will have to look into this brand when we start our family!


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