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Makeup Brushes 101

In theme with the $25 Makeup Challenge we've started, I wanted to share some information about makeup brushes. Using the right brushes for the right purposes can really help a rookie or old pro when it comes to applying makeup and foundations.  Read on to learn more!
My super simple DIY solution to brush storage!

Makeup Brushes 101

Good makeup brush sets are essential for getting the detailed looks that you crave.  There are tons of different makeup brushes out there, and even the pros don’t use every one every single time. However, it is a good idea to know what each brush is designed to do and to keep some of the more versatile ones on hand.

In general, makeup brushes can be divided into two types: those for applying eye make-up, and those for applying foundations and other products to your skin. You can often buy brushes together in sets, or mix and match to get a more personalized collection.

Eye makeup brushes

Shadow brush: This is a small or medium sized brush with loosely packed bristles and a blunt edge. Use it to apply shadow to your eyelid and to contour around your eyes.

Blending brush: This brush also comes in different sizes, generally ranging from medium to large. As with the shadow brush, choose the size or sizes that you are most comfortable with. This brush has long, loose bristles that are packed thickly to give a puffy appearance. Use it after you apply multiple eye shadows to blend the different shades.

Liner brush: This stiff brush generally comes to either a fine point or a narrow ridge. It is used for applying a thin, even line of eyeliner. It can also be used to apply dark shadow as liner.

Angled brush: The angled brush has long rounded bristles that are longer on one side than on the other, creating a point at one end of the brush. It is perfect for working powder into the crease that makes up the top part of your eye socket.

Spooly: In addition to having a name that’s fun to say, this brush also has a couple of specialized uses. The spooly is easy to recognize; it looks like the spiral brush that comes with a tube of mascara. Use the spooly to groom your eyebrows, comb out false eyelashes, or brush your regular lashes to shake out any loose hairs.

Foundation brushes

Basic foundation brush: The basic brush for applying foundation is relatively large and has thick, soft bristles that come to a point in the center. To the untrained eye, it may look quite a bit like a regular paintbrush. This brush can be used to apply all types of foundations: liquid, cream, or powder.

Concealer brush: This brush looks a little like a miniature version of the foundation brush, though closer inspection reveals that the bristles are a little stiffer. It’s good for spot treating your face with concealer, both under your eyes and wherever you have blemishes.

Powder brush: This is a big, full, soft brush used for applying bronzer or face powder. It has a short handle which makes it easier to apply a fine coat of powder in the recommended circular motion.

Fan brush: The fan brush has bristles set in the shape of a folding fan. This brush is a nice versatile addition to your collection. It can be used for face powder, blush, or for cleaning up fall out.

Blush brush: The blush brush has a rounded head which is perfect for adding color both to the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones. Make sure yours has soft bristles so it applies color more naturally.
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