Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stage Dreams Youth Theater

As a 'theater kid' myself, I was really excited when Jelly Bean showed interest in doing acting programs and children's theater.  The cost of these programs can seem high at first glance but truthfully at Stage Dreams Youth Theater the cost is well worth it, in more ways than one.

Jelly Bean is absolutely loving her program (she's enrolled in the Dream Class) and learning the whole process of a theater production.  She's making friends and gaining confidence- something that is crucial for a pre-teen girl.  The program is 14 weeks and at the end of the class the students will be performing the show they are working so hard on.  She goes to her class once a week for two hours.  The price of this program is $360 but broken down that's only $25 a week (or just over $12 an hour) which is a pretty great price for an after school or extracurricular activity, especially one that promotes self awareness and confidence! 

Jelly Bean just did her very first audition (all student earn a role in the cast but they do audition).  We opted to have her do the Audition Workshop offered by Stage Dream to help prepare her and ease her nerves.  I would absolutely say it was worth the price ($50).  She came out of the workshop excited and less nervous than I was for my first audition!

Of course, Jelly Bean, was hoping for one of the larger lead roles, as any 11 year old might.  But she's learning and realizing after being cast as Wickersham #2 (and Drew Lou Who) that "There are no small parts, only small actors".  Surely, you all have heard that phrase, right?  Maybe only fellow 'theater kids' are familiar...but I digress.  It's exciting to see the kids working together, the instructors/directors are wonderful and I can't wait to see the performances in June! 

Disclaimer: Jelly Bean was able to attend the "Audition Workshop" at no cost.  My opinions are, as always, 100% my own.  If you have questions regarding this please check my Disclosures and Policies)

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