Monday, March 18, 2013

RedEnvelope Review: Family Tree Keepsake Box

My wedding is coming up quickly and my brain is obsessed.  When I got the chance to pick an item from RedEnvelope to review I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to find a perfect personalized 'family' (read: New Last Name- I'm excited!) product for our home. (LLandLoL Disclosures and Policies)

The choices at RedEnvelope are abundant.  Deciding on the family oriented piece was hard...I waivered between about 6 different options!  Truthfully, searching through all the categories made me start to consider just getting Hubs-To-Be a personalized gift (there's a whole 'For Him' section) but decided this time around I wanted something for ME US....

This Family Tree Keepsake Box is perfect!  I definitely wanted to personalize the  and opted to put my soon-to-be new last name (have I mentioned I'm obsessed?).  I love the quote engraved on the top of this wooden box it says "Treat Your Family Like Friends and Your Friends Like Family". 

The box came quickly and was certainly high quality! 

Check out all the amazing, well made personalized and unique gifts on RedEnvelope!


  1. Looks beautiful and well made. Love the name personalization option!

  2. That is such a beautiful box and how sweet to have it in your home. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.


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