Friday, March 1, 2013

February Starlooks Starbox Review

Once again, I'm in love with my newest Starlooks products.  The February Starlooks Starbox has a fun pink type theme which is adorable.  This month makeup artist Lauren Clark collaborated on a special edition box (and one of the products is a special edition lip liner- more on that later)!  The box was super cute with purple metallic writing on a pink box. 

Starlooks is still a fairly new brand for me, this is my second box which is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to Starlooks.  The boxes are $15 and you are guaranteed at least $35 worth of products.  I was extremely happy with my first box in January and I love February equally (if not more).  Let's get into it!

Barbie HD Fluid Blush- I usually use a powder blush so I was wary of this product.  It's extremely pink, as the name suggested.  It is truly a Barbie pink and really pigmented.  I love this color, it's brighter than what I would pick for myself (another great thing about the boxes) and I actually like the formula, it's easy to blend and a little goes a long way. ($15)

Pink Oasis Lip Gloss- I saw this in the packaging and thought it'd be too purple for my liking.  But when I swatched it I realized its far more pink than it looked in the tube, YAY! It ended up a light mauve color and gives a super shiny tint to my natural lip.  It's subtle and I think it'd be great over a lipstick, as well. ($11)

Infinity Pot Eye Liner Princess Diaries- This is considered a satin liner and has a shimmer to it.  It's a light creamy pink that is buildable.  You can wear it light as a highlighter or as an all over liner.  This color is very pretty and I like it in the corners of my eyes to help widen them. I paired it with the brown liner I received last month- I adore pink and brown together. ($15)

Special Edition Lip Liner in Tipsy- This is the special edition Lauren Clark liner I mentioned above.  It's creamy and versatile.  I think it's great for my lip tone and I can see how it'd be fantastic on both light and darker skins, too.  It's a pink-ish coral.

That's FOUR full-sized products, assuming the special edition liner is priced similarly to the other ones offered by Starlooks ($8) this box has a totally retail value of $49!!!  Well worth the $15 it costs for the subscription.  I really think these products are comparable to some of my favorite high end brands but are far more affordable for those on a budget (aren't we all?!). 

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  1. I love these colors. The lip gloss is amazing and I love the infinity liner. What a great review.

  2. Those colors are super flattering on you!

  3. love these colors! and I love starlooks!!!

  4. Those colors look very nice on you! I too LOVE pink and Brown together and the odd thing is I never thought of pairing brown up with my box lol! Im super jealous of your nicely shaped lips lol! i need me some lip plumper!

  5. Great review! The colors looked great on you! You are a natural!! :)

  6. Loving those pinks I keep seeing! They look great on you :)

  7. Love those colors! Perfect for spring!

  8. These look great and sooo naturally pretty. I need to try mine out!


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