Friday, February 1, 2013

Starlooks January Starbox

I'm so excited to share this amazing line of product with you all.  I got my first Starbox in the mail this weekend and I'm dying to share with you the box contents and my new found love for Starlooks products.

First, let me start by saying Starlooks is a reasonable priced beauty and cosmetics line that comparable to high end brands you may already be familiar with.  The selection on the site is amazing, the price is right, but what about the quality?  On to the box for reviews!

The January box, which is my first Starlooks box, was packaged up nice and pretty in these gorgeous green box adorned with the Starlooks logo.  I tore it open in excitement carefully opened up this beautiful box and found some fantastic suprises inside. 

In this box we got an awesome bonus.  Starlooks teamed up with Etsy shop Abby Rose Designs (and oh how I love Etsy shops!) and we recieved this gorgeous Green Ivy Bracelet on memory wire so it can fit anyone! This $15 and if you use the code "Starlooks" you can recieve free shipping on your entire order from Abby Rose Design!

Now on to the Starlooks products!  I've hearn amazing things and couldn't wait to open them up and start playing!  The first item that caught my eye was this fanatsic blush color- Cutie Peach. I knew immediately I loved the color and on my first trial with Starlooks I knew I'd fallen in love.  The blush is perfect, it's got a creamy texture that goes on with a tiny bit of shimmer, making it perfect to add subtle depth to your look. 

Next, I got out the liners that were included in the Starbox.  I love that there was a nuetral colored eye liner in brown, as well as what I consider a more 'fun color' in the Diamondline Eye Pencil- Fancy. I would describe Fancy as a light green with a metallic finish.  It can be used as both an eye liner or blended with a brush and used as an eye shadow! 

I recieved my first Starlooks brush in this box; a dome brush perfect for blending eye colors and eye liners.  In fact, this brush did a fantastic job helping blend my Diamondline Eye Pencil so I could use it as a shadow.  It's amazingly soft and really well made.  Good brushes are essential- would Picasso have used his finger to paint his masterpieces?  Ok Picasso might be a bad example, because afterall didn't he end up being crazy and cutting off his own ear? Regardless, I think you get my point.  Starlooks may very well be my new favorite line of makeup brushes, cruelty free and well-made.  $15 may sound like a lot for a makeup brush but you won't be disappointed.  Really, brushes of this quality could run you far more elsewhere (Take it from someone who is still paying off a card from Neiman Marcus from her early twenties...I used that card solely on makeup products and brushes).

I also recieved my very first crystal.  From what I understand each box comes with one and I can't wait to have enough to full my brush holder (righ now I use rice ans my filler).  As another fun little extra, you can go online to the Looksbook to see looks created by the items in each box. 

This box only costs $15 a month and the value is outstanding.  In this box the value was at least $58.  The Starbox is perfect to start trying out the Starlooks line but you can also simply purchase the items you want (they offer free shipping on all orders up to 10lbs!). 

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  1. Those colors look beautiful on you and absolutely am obsessed with the peach blush!


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