Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Custom T-Shirt (Valentine's Themed Craft)

DIY Bleach Shirt

We did this a while ago for Jelly Bean but I thought it was the perfect DIY project for Valentine's Day.  It was inexpensive and cute and we had fun doing it together.  She's 11 and we used bleach so be aware of that when getting ready to make this (if you are planning on including the kids :)).

What You'll Need:
Dark Colored Shirt (we got a few solid colored shirts on clearance for $2 at a nearby store)
Cookie Cutters (I got these the year before after Valentine's day for .50)
A piece of cardboard or something to go in the shirt while bleaching

Put the Cardboard in the shirt.  Pour some bleach into a shallow bowl.  Dip cookie cutters in the bleach and stamp onto the shirt.  Any pattern any style.  We had a few hearts bubble with the bleach and 'pop' which is where you see the little splatters.  Jelly Bean quite liked the effect.  She experimented with doubling hearts and different ideas.  There's no perfect way to do this. 

When we were done; she decided to keep the back solid but did like a few half hearts on the seam of the front courtesy of me, I rinsed the shirt out in the sink well and wrung it out.  Wash the shirt alone and dry regularly.  Viola!  We made this custom shirt for under $3!

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  1. I have made a bleach tshirt but never thought of using cookie cutters. soo cute. Thanks for linking this up to Close to Home's V-day craft and recipe round up.


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