Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Etsy Love: Iniquitous Bath and Body

Another Etsy love!  This time I found Iniquitous Bath and Body and I was lucky enough to get to try some of these fantastic products.  More products are being adding weekly and that's one thing I love about this Etsy shop owner!  She's always working to find new scents, products and she's even teaming up with another Etsy shop owner to provide sets that include Smash vegan cosmetics.  

I got to try Absinthe Sugar Scrub, Blueberry Muffin Body Spray, Nourishing Milk Bath, hand sanitizer and the Smash Mineral Eyeshadow.  The sugar scrub was a miracle worker on my elbows and feet.  The smell was unlike any other products I've come across- it was sweet (but not overly so) and very pleasant. 

I adore that there are options like Blueberry Muffin- I mean, come on, who doesn't LOVE the smell of blueberry muffins!? :) There's also fun scents like fudge brownies, strawberry daquiri, and how good does zesty orange sound? The Blueberry Muffin is alcohol free so it won't dry your skin out.  It really does smell like some blueberry muffins! 

Now, the Nourishing Milk Bath was purely heaven.  I love a nice hot bath after a particularly rough day and this made my stress just melt away for that relaxing time!  I used 1-2 tbs and sprinkled it in the hot water.  The ingredients in this have some benefits (beyond just making you feel awesome) and I'll share a couple (for the full rundown check out the description); milk powder helps make skin soft and Epsom Salt can help draw toxins from the body.  I really recommend this to ANYONE.  Amazing.

I was super excited when I saw she'd sent the Smash vegan mineral eye shadows! How amazing are these pigments?  They are a mineral shadow, they are organic and have no fillers.  I am in love with them all but the Sugar Cube color is the perfect highlighter for the inner eye and brow bone- I use it on a regular basis.  The Dark Fairy Dust is awesome for smoking out the eye and along the lash lines and the other colors are really fun to play with to create some gorgeous looks.

I love this Etsy store and I think you will too!  Check it out here:
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