Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips for Getting Freebies and Samples

Samples are a great tool for companies and awesome for us as customers (I cannot tell you how many times I've been saved by samples. Ran out of toothpaste? Grab the sample! Heading out of town? Samples take up less room in your bag!). Here are my top tips to helping make freebies and mostly samples work for you.

1. Create a new email account.
You'll thank me later, I promise. When you sign up to recieve freebies the marketing team, company, whoever will almost always ask for an email. You don't want all those offers clogging up your personal email account. (I also use this special email for things like Groupon, Living Social and websites like these)

2. Pick a spot in your home to hold all those freebies.
Samples are almost always small. If you are collecting samples and freebies make sure you've dedicated a place for them. For example, I have a basket in a drawer in the bathroom that holds all the toiletries I've accumulated. In my pantry I keep samples mostly in the spice basket (yes, I said spice basket, I'm currently working on a new system ;)). Makeup samples, truthfully, get thrown in my makeup container (well, usually in it...sometimes things end up around it. Close enough, right? :)).

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