Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beauty Box 5: Falls Short This Month

 If you know anything about me; you know I love beauty and makeup products.  I especially love the fairly new trend of beauty box subscriptions.  You pay monthly, seasonally, yearly etc and receive beauty and makeup items with each box.  Beauty Box 5 has so much potential but unfortunately, I was fairly disappointed in the box and items I received. 

Beauty Box 5 is a great price point at only $12/month it's something we all can afford.  The box comes with 4-5 sample sizes of products each month.  I love the idea of receiving samples from new to me brands and of course brands I'm familiar with already.  You can see a list of the brand they work with regularly on the site. I was really excited.  I received my box but truly out of the five items I was only excited about one item.  The Bodyography Primer was a new to me brand in a product I like- I'm a huge fan of primer if you want your makeup to stay put for more than a couple hours.  I used the product first and I hate to say it but I broke out horribly the next day.  I am acne prone, though, so I'm sure not everyone would react that way.  I have heard wonderful things about the Bodyography brand too, I am sad this was my first experience with them.

I got a decent sized loose shadow from Ofra which I can use; it's a dark color called Diamond Glitz and I'm not floored by it but I can use it to create a smoky eye for going out with Hubs-to-be. The other three items are useless to me. Blum facial tissues are not right for my skin type.  BB5 doesn't ask anywhere any specifics about the customer or their likes, dislikes, skin type etc.  I think adding just a couple of questions to help define the needs of the clients may be extremely beneficial to making BB5 much better.  I also received a tiny sized product called City Lips.  From what I can tell, it came with a small card indicating City Lips uses collagen peptides and Hyaluronic acid, it's meant to help plump lips.  Unfortunately, my experience with similar products has left me unsatisfied with these types of products but of course I tried it out.  I'm still not a fan.

Lastly, another innovative product, I quite prefer more classic kinds of beauty supplies and items.  This one was from Blinc, essentially, it's mascara, without being mascara.  Confused?  Me too.  Here's what the back of the product says, "Blinc mascara is the original mascara invented to form tiny water resistant 'tubes' around your lashes...".  Truth?  This product description freaks me out.  Apparently, Upon, removal, you will actually see the tiny tubes in your hand".  Call me old fashion, but no thanks. 

I really wish BB5 had a way to take into account at least a few important facts about each client.  I know this box differed from other boxes that went out this month so they definitely have other products they could be using for the clients who like different types of things. I feel like no thought really went into making this box, including both 'new' or innovative types of products (City Lips and Blinc) seemed like a poor choice for one box with only 5 items.  Beauty box subscriptions always have the potential to be hit or miss; but Beauty Box 5 was absolutely a miss for me this time around.

Check out Beauty Box 5 for more information.
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  1. Thank you for your honesty. I still want to try Beauty Box 5 but $12/month is too much IMO, especially for me since I have other monthly subs.

  2. This review was awesome! I have looked at trying Beauty Box 5, and I think I eventually will. I probably would have been the same as you on this box, however. I love primer and BB Cream!

  3. I've seen all these products before in BB5 boxes... I guess they are just recycling on bloggers now? I've seen a bunch of different boxes on blogs. Maybe they are doing the thing that made Birchbox suck to the point where I canceled and sending everyone different stuff with no regard to that preferences or previous months?
    I used to really like the boxes but all of the blogger reviews I've seen lately have been horrible making me think no thanks as well. They REALLY need to make a few changes. I appreciate your honesty about it! You rule!

  4. Wow, this box would make me unhappy too. I enjoyed the box I received a couple of months back. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. I wish they would ask personal questions like wantable box does it would make it so much better.


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