Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Color Run Really is The Happiest 5K on the Planet

I shared my excited about doing The Color Run awhile back and in that post I was trying to decide on a team name for my bridal party.  We ended up being team Wedding Belles; how cute right?!  The days leading up to the run where really rainy here in Phoenix, which is very unusual.  I hadn't really considered what would happen if it rained run day.

I went with two ladies in my bridal party to pick up our racing packets at a store close to where the race is held (I only have 3 in my bridal party but the 3rd was working and decided to pick hers up the next day).  The packets consisted of a Color Run tattoo, a headband, a shirt, our bibs and a packet of color.  We found out that The Color Run continues in rain or shine so that put me at ease a bit.  I thought it wouldn't be so bad doing the race in a small sprinkle of water...

I took the old school sweater off and had a BRIDE shirt on
Come Saturday morning I wake up to realize it's been raining all night!  We decided to brave the weather and head to the race location; again three of us carpooled and planned to met the 4th member of our team there.  We got to the race and parked closer than I thought we'd be able to.  For those of you familiar with this area, the race began at Tempe Town Lake/Mill Ave Bridge.  It was raining pretty heavily so I called my last teammate and told her where to meet us, letting her know I wouldn't be bringing my phone.  Knowing my luck it'd be the only phone drenched.  I wasn't able to bring my camera either and was bummed but figured I could take before and after photos with my phone at the car.

Unfortunately, when we got there my 4th member was no where to be found.  Apparently the rain and cold was too much for her!  So team Wedding Belles was a team of three.  We started the race and hit pink first on our walk/run.  We ran parts of the race but walk the majority of it.  The color stations are crazy but so fun!  The volunteers are there throwing this powder color on you as you run through the area.  It was hilarious!  The rain made it a super messy experience but it also added to some of the fun!  Throughout the 5K there are three stations; pink, yellow, orange and blue. 

At the orange station a family asked me to take photos of them while I waited for a teammate to use the restroom.  The woman was so kind and asked if she could take a photo of us and text or email it to me later!  The people participating in this run were all friendly and whenever they saw our shirts (Bride, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid shirts) they would say something nice or congratulate me.  It really was 'The Happiest 5k on the Planet'.  Blue was last and because of the rain had become a complete puddle/lake of blue dye water.  My shoes and feet got soaked through making for an uncomfortable last part of the race.  We powered through and reached then end where we ended to the DJ and stage to engage in the dance party color craze.  The green color was here at the stage and while dancing, jumping and singing we got dowsed in green from head to toe!  In the rain and mud and layers of color, it truly was an awesome experience.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it but we all did and I'm so proud.  We're on the hunt for the next fun 5K to do! I really recommend this to anyone- I saw everyone from babies to seniors of all fitness levels!

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***Disclaimer: I recieved a bib for myself and my teammates in exchange for sharing my experience with you.  My opinions are, as always, 100% my own.  If you have more questions regarding this please check out:

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