Thursday, January 31, 2013

PetFlow: Spoiled Rotten Dog Box

If you've read the blog before you know I love subscription boxes.  Usually, I talk about the various kinds of makeup and beauty boxes but this one is all about the fur-kids!  PetFlow offers Spoiled Rotten Dog or Cat boxes which are perfect to show your furry member of the family just how special they are. 

Our Lola is absolutely considered a member of our family and I was so happy to be able to get this box for her.  Boxes are shipped out once a month and they are packed full of all sorts of fun surprises.  This box included, an adorable cow toy, two gourmet beef bones, teeth cleaning gel by Tropiclean (which Lola really needs!) and two kinds of treats; Lunther's Nuggets, and mini Yumzies (bacon flavor).

This box was worth well over the subscription price of $24.99 and Lola surely did feel Spoiled Rotten.  The kids had fun having her do tricks for treats and she didn't seem to mind one bit!  We haven' given her the cow toy for fear that she'll consider similar toys fair game and that could make for some sad kiddos.  No worries though!  We know many families with dogs who would love this adorable cow so we might just give it to one of them (and truth be told, my youngest has taken a liking to this little dog toy!).

You can find more info about PetFlow Spoiled Rotten Boxes online:

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  1. What a cute doggie! She sure does look like she loved her Spoiled Rotten Box.

    1. so cute! love the pics and the idea of the box!

  2. Pet flow seems like they have a really great program going on!


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