Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Mommy Hook

The Mommy Hook is perfect for my stroller!  When we found out we'd been blessed with Baby G I immediately went on the hunt for a double stroller.  K wasn't even two when we found out we were expecting and I knew I wanted a double.  Searching early for a double that would fit into my Prius was smart.  I was able to wait for the one I really wanted to pop up on used, for a price I was willing to pay!

The only issue I have with this stroller is the lack of space under and that there are no pockets or anything on top.  The Mommy Hook fixes both those problems.  I can hook my shopping bags and purse right to the stroller and there's no need for a pocket (which I'd use for my phone) because my phone is in my purse, hooked to the stroller!  Brilliant.

The Mommy Hook can be used for other things too. For instance carrying groceries in from the car.  You can hook a bunch and bring them in that way rather than A) loading a bunch up on your arms and in your hands (yep, guilty) or B) having to go back and forth while trying to ensure your toddler stays in the house (yep, guilty again).

You can find more info on The Mommy Hook on the website: http://www.themommyhook.com/
And you can purchase your own on Amazon and other retailers like ToysRUs and Bed Bath and Beyond!

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