Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meal Plan Monday!

Ok Ok, I really should just start calling it 'Meal Plan Whenever I Post It'....I had my plan all ready but I hadn't typed it up and wouldn't ya know.  Tuesday came quicker than I expected :)  Here's our dinner plans for this week.  I grabbed fast food last night and we ate out this weekend so I'm doing as much as I can from our pantry and freezer to make up for the money spend eating out.

Dinner 1- I picked up McDonald's after a playdate

Dinner 2- Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner 3- Pork Chops and Corn

Dinner 4- Chili and Cornbread

Dinner 5- Easy Chicken Casserole

Dinner 6- Tostadas and Rice

Breakfasts- eggs, pancakes and cereal
Snacks- Apple sauce, goldfish, yogurt, carrots
Lunch (usually served with something from the snack section)- PB sandwich, chicken nuggets, soup and leftovers

What's on your Meal Plan this week??

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