Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SUCK UK Review

If you haven't checked out Suck UK yet, please go do so now, you'll get a kick out of some hilarious products as well as some very useful ones!  They are always adding new items to the catalogue, too.  Edible googly eyes? 3D dinosaur cookie cutters?!  Villain Chair! I know I'm not alone when I say "Awesome!"

I went with a more practical choice (yes they have those, too) and got the Pinboard.  What got me so excited about this product is that it's not just some regular old pinboard.  It's got a wonderful decorative border and it looks more like a nice picture frame or something.  I hung mine above my desk but I considered putting it in the kitchen, how perfect for pinning up a recipe or something, right?!  In the end I wanted to put both photos and important notices on it so above the desk it went.  I also like the idea of this near the door or phone for messages and notes for the family.  It's 100% all natural and sustainable cork and it's super thick and sturdy.

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