Wednesday, December 26, 2012


K is 3 and at an age where he's asking how things are spelled and really interested in letters (he seems to have a knack for numbers but letters are a bit of a mystery).  When I found Alphabeasts I knew it'd be a fun way to incorporate some letters into play; plus I am a sucker for adorable soft toys.

We picked a K for our first AlphaBeast, and truthfully, it looks like the K has the meanest expression of all the Alphabeasts!  But we knew our K would like him, he truly is 'all boy'.  I can't wait to get them all.  Online they have some great ideas for learning activities and incorporating the Alphabeasts into those lessons.  They also have free coloring pages for each Alphabeast!

As I am typing this, K came in asking if we can snuggle.  Then he said "Wait!  let me go get my K Monster."  Our Alphabeast is a hit, for sure.  He immediately named him K Monster, which I love since K is my little monster (in a totally heart warming, mama love kind of way!).

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  1. Oh they are stinkin' cute and my son would go nuts for these. I'll have to check out their site, thanks!

  2. Alphabeasts are so cute! I love that they look like little word monsters.


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