Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Skoy: Eco Friendly Cloth

Skoy was developed by two friends who were shocked at the amount of paper towels being used annually (2.5 million tons).  They wanted a cloth like no other, one that both worked great and environmentally friendly.  After a year of working and researching the very best; Skoy was born. 

Skoj (Pronounce Skoy) is the Swedish word for 'just for fun' and that's exactly what these two wanted; a business that they could have fun doing and also bring fun to the kitchen.

I got my four pack in the mail at the perfect time.  I had recently run out of paper towels.  I hate to admit it but in our house hold we were definitely using far more paper towels then anyone home ever should. 
I immediately loved the size and the adorable logo flower on one side. Yes, they were cute...but did they work?  I had a counter to get clean and I was ready to find out. 

Wet and doing work on my stove and counters!

Not only do they work but they work far better than a paper towel and are more sanitary than a sponge- these are dishwasher and washing machine safe.  I threw mine in the washing machine after cleaning the counters.  I also used it on my dining room table and a spill from a sippy cup (leak proof, ya right!).  Each time the Skoy cloth worked perfectly!  I haven't bought more paper towels yet.  I'm not saying I never will again, but I feel good that I won't be contributing nearly as much to that annual paper towel landfill number anymore.

You can pick up Skoy Cloth at The Container Store and select World Cost Plus Market (those are two of my favorite stores!!). You can also find out more about the company, the products and their new fundraising program for schools online here: http://www.skoycloth.com/

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