Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Collars2Switch is a wonderful idea for dogs!  These dog collars have washable, switchable designs.  You can change the design without having to take the collar (or tags) off your dog!  The designs are so fun and perfect for any season or occasion.  They come in four sizes and are only available on Collars2Switch website.  A collar with 2 design swatches sells for 19.99 and individual swatches are only 3.99!  Collars2Switch also donates a percentage of sales to dog/pet rescues. 

Modeling :)

Hubs-To-Be changing the swatch
We requested a size large collar for our beautiful Lola (she's an English and American Bulldog mix).  We received a beautiful gold swatch and a fun and festive candy cane swatch (we also got a very cool plaid one but haven't put that one on her yet).  They offer over 100 designs to choose from! It was so easy to change the swatches and it is a quality collar made of sturdy material. and I think she looks great in anything but our kids have decided to stick with the gold glitter for now.  I plan to change it soon to our festive candy canes though! 

She's such a Ham! She's definitely modeling!

We received this product for review and as always my opinions are 100% my own- if you have questions regarding this please check out the Disclosure and Policies Tab or contact me! Thank you!

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