Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pretty Woman Perfume

As I've mentioned before I love perfume.  I think a dab (or spritz) or perfume can help enhance or change a mood.  I always feel a little better with a bit of perfume.  I feel like there are perfumes for every occasion and I encourage you to explore new ones too!

Pretty Women Perfume is one you may or may not have heard of but I'm here to let you know, this scent is great!  I got the holiday pack which came with sample sizes, to go sizes, full size and a cool little gold metallic bag (perfect for travelling)! This fragrance has a bit of floral and wood undertones and is actually wonderful for everyday use.

The creator, Barbra Orbison (widow of Roy Orbison) named her fragrance after her late husband's wildly popular song .  And as the name indicates, it absolutely made me feel like a Pretty Women.

“It has been a life-long dream of mine to create a
perfume that speaks to women everywhere,” comments
Barbara. “I believe that within every woman there is a
pretty woman and my signature fragrance helps bring
that out that inner confidence and spirit so they feel
strong, empowered, sensual and pretty.”

First the iconic song, then the movie we all know (and love!) and now this wonderful perfume.  I'm a huge fan of Pretty Women, all around.

You can find Pretty Women at specialty stores like Fred Segal and Planet Blue or online.

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  1. I am typically not a perfume person, but this actually sounds like something I may try.

  2. I have the candle of this and I love it. Great review!

  3. I've never heard of Pretty Woman. Need to check it out. I do love the packaging!

  4. I love the movie! I had no idea there was a perfume! Thanks for sharing!


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