Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MEGA Nanodots

These strong magnets are so much fun to play with.  Because of their size I waited until the kids had gone to sleep to test these amazingly strong 'futurists marbles with a magnetic twist'. 

I received the Nanopad along with two sets of MEGA Nanodots and I was amazed at how strong these little spheres are!  I took a few photos to show the strength of the magnets.

The Nanopad is great to create games and because the Nanodots come in four different colors you can create and play so many different kinds of games! 

They come in the Spool Canister and I really appreciate this part, because it helps keep them organized and cleaned up.  Again, because of their size (and Baby G is definitely teething; darn those early 2 year molars) and pure awesomeness I am keeping these for myself...if she's lucky I might let Jelly Bean play too ;).  I was giggling like a school girl as I build bridges and tested how long of a MEGA Nanodot chain I could make before it broke.  Hubs-To-Be thought these were pretty cool, too.  But mostly he laughed at me while I had such fun. 

As I was cleaning them up to put away I dropped at whole canister and the Mega Nanodots went EVERYWHERE.  I am happy to inform you that they were so easy to clean up.  Most of them gathered together under the couch making it a breeze to grab them and the rest went towards the metal legs of a chair in the living room.  What I thought would be a catastrophe (me on the floor looking under everything to find these magnets) ended up being super simple (and great, because now I can share that little tid-bit with all of you!). 

These would make awesome gifts or stocking stuffers! Comment below and let me know who you'd buy MEGA Nanodots for?

You can purchase Nanodots and MEGA Nanodots at Bestbuy, Barnes and Noble Bookstores or online at the Nano Store
"Warning, Mega Nanodots contain small magnets and are NOT for children (ages 14+ only). For more information about magnet safety visit http://nanodots.com/safety"

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  1. My son would love these. He mast have a magnet in him somewhere because he is drawn to them. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I've never seen those before but they look SUPER INTERESTING!! I'm going to come back and enter because I love the look!! Excellent review!


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