Sunday, December 2, 2012

Enjoying Tea

I'm a coffee drinker, plain and simple.  Occasionally, you might see me drinking iced tea.

Recently, though, I've been curious about this whole tea thing and now that it's getting colder I find myself thinking a nice hot cup of tea would be nice.  Truthfully, I kind of find tea intimidating.  I don't know how to properly brew tea, I mean sure, I can dunk a packet in hot water but what's a tea infuser?  Or filter?  Are they the same thing? 

I was excited to get my package from Enjoying Tea.  I choose a porcelain tea set called 'Modern Asian Style Rainbow' that I just love.  It's beautiful in person; though I must get used to the idea of small cups (I usually get/make big gulp sized ice coffees).  I also got a variety pack of teas so I can figure out what kinds of teas I like (or don't like).  So far I'm really enjoying green teas and haven't found any I truly dislike yet.  This set comes with a pot that includes a tea filter AND the box has instruction on how to make tea and use the set.  Thank goodness!  I know it seems silly but I really had no idea what I was doing.  FYI, now I know, it's super easy to brew tea. LOL
Directions on the top of the box!

I'm anxious to invite company to have a cup of tea and show off this gorgeous set!  They have many many tea sets, instant tea, variety packs, tea accessories and much more.  Anything you could possibly want in regard to tea!  You don't have to be an advanced tea drinker to enjoy the beauty of sitting down during nap time with a hot cup and a good book (or is that just me?)!

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