Monday, November 5, 2012

Sneaky Pete's Beverage Review

Oatstanding Beverage

Sneaky Pete surely is sneaky!!

These drinks are so delicious no one (not even my Hubs-to-be or three year old) would have guessed how healthy it is for us!

He spilled it and starting sucking it off his shirt. Proof he loved it!
My favorite part was that it’s only 40 calories!  I was happy that each bottle had 3 grams of fiber too, I’m forever trying to make sure the kiddos get enough fiber!!  These drinks are truly one of my go-to beverages now.  My Baby G (who’s just shy of 16 months old) has never had juice but after reading about Sneaky Pete’s and checking out the ingredients I decided to let him taste it.  Woowza!  He couldn’t get enough.  We got the chance to try all five flavors and we each had our own favorite!  I would’ve liked these drinks simply on taste (and I’m certain the rest of the family agrees) but add the healthy factor and I LOVE them.  Check out Sneaky Pete’sBeverages on facebook and online.   BLOGGER15 will get you 15% off your total order and free shipping is standard!

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