Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bare Fruit Snacks Review and Giveaway

I try to guide my children towards healthy choices.  Especially when it comes to snacking.  My kids would truly eat all day if I allowed it.  So whenever I hear “Can I have a snack?” from my three year old almost immediately after a meal, I’m not surprised.  I actually am one of the many who believe snacking is ok as long as the portions are appropriate and the choices are healthy.  That’s why when I heard about Barefruit Apple Chips I was so excited.  We got to try the Cinnamon Apple Flavor; they are made from 100% apples they are low in calorie, gluten and dairy free, high in fiber, and are just plain good-for-you.   I had my fingers crossed my kids would like them as much as I did.  I gathered them up to try the snack together.  Here are their reactions:
Grabbing more from the resealable bag!
As you can tell, they LOVED them.  Jelly Bean (who’s 11 and been exposed to much more unhealthy foods) even chowed down.  My three year old, K, asked for them for the next few days when he requested a snack.  And Baby G, well, I think this photo says it all! 

I even had Hubs-To-Be try them because I figured he’d be the hardest sell. His reaction was more than positive. I had him flip the bag over to read the ingerdients and he was pretty shocked to see the ingrendints consist of Organic Apples and Organic Cinnamon. That’s IT. Swoon. You can check out all the flavors here.  One more thing I'd like to share with you is that the bag is resealable.  Such a small thing but oh-so-helpful and keeps this snack fresh!

If you want to try your own Bare Fruit you can purchase here!
Bare Fruit Snacks is gving Loving Life and Living on Less fans and readers a chance to win a case of your own snacks!
                      Or use your mobile phone to scan here to be taken to the contest app!

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