Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silpoura: Cool Gadget for the Home

“Silpoura is the Original, Patented, Clip-on Silicone Spout for skillets, pans, bowls, and cans.  Use it to pour gravy and sauces, strain fruit salad, HOT or cold cooking oil, batter for pancakes, cupcakes, and muffins. Visit our web site at www.silpoura.com for more information.”

The Silpoura (Silicone Pouring Accessory) is an awesome, innovative product that I found while window shopping online.  I cook a lot at home and immediately had visions of pouring batter, draining ground beef and straining water but after browsing around the site I realized it could be used for home projects, hobbies and even to hold your spoon! Find out all the different ways to use it here

As I've mentioned I make a lot of pancakes at home (they are perfect for freezing).  As soon as I received the Silpoura I decided to make a batch of pancakes, I was too excited to see if it actually worked!

One handed pouring while picture taking
Not only did it work wonderfully, it was so easy to snap onto my bowl and even easier to clean up once I was done.  I can’t wait to use this in other aspects of cooking (I’m hiding it so Hubs-To-Be doesn’t get any ideas about using it for our upcoming painting projects- the Silpoura is MINE and I’m not sharing!)  But I’ll share where to buy one with my wonderful readers…if you want your own you can buy one here.


  1. I so need one of these, i make horrible messes in the kitchen

  2. I need this badly! lol I hate trying to pour out and drain hamburger meat... lol

    Kelsey House


  3. that is so cool!! I am guilty of making messes, Lol

  4. What an awesome idea... I need one of those!

    Sherri L


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