Thursday, November 1, 2012

5 Halloween Costumes under $25

Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong and Toadstool

Tip: Think outside the box.  Were the costumes exact replicas?  No.  They were fun and the kiddos were excited to wear them.  With all of us together it was pretty clear to most people what we were going for :)

Purchased Fabric:

½ yard Orange Glitter Fabric $1.49

½ yard tan fleece   1.25

½ yard green 1.39

1 yard red 2.97


Purchased Other Items:

Brown Shirt Sale 3.99

Green Shirt 1.25 (goodwill half off)

Red shirt Sale 1.99

Yellow Dress 7.89 (Damaged Mark Down)

Hat $1 (99cent only)


Free/Already Had/Borrowed:

Borrowed 2 pairs of overalls


Scrap Yellow Felt



Poster Board
White scrape fabric



Grand Total: $23.22

With Scrap Fabric to Spare :)

 For Mario and Luigi’s Buttons I cute scrap felt and tied them to our borrowed overalls.  I covered old hats with fabric and painted M and L on them. 

For Princess Daisy I added orange accents and a crown cut from poster board. I used the yellow felt and painted the middle for Daisy’s signature pendant. Her dress can be reused/worn again because nothing was glued/sewn to it (the orange ‘strap’ can be cut right off).  Found it damaged- one flower was falling off- I just cut it off with scissors.  If I had more time it might’ve been an easy fix.

Donkey Kong got a piece of fleece cut to resemble DK’s chest painted a bit for shadowing and a tie glued on.

Toadstool hat was covered in white fabric from an old undershirt and red polka dots glued on.  Toadstool wears a blue vest and small white shorts.  I used what I had in my closet to resemble the outfit.
What did you/your kids dress up for this Halloween? Comment Below!

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  1. Great post! I love the costumes and the creativity!


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