Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zenni Optical

Hubs-To-Be's Glasses

Look Great! Get Designer Eye Glasses and Frames at Great Prices!
A few years ago a customer service rep (from a company not related at all) mentioned something to us about a website for extremely reasonably priced eye glasses (I think it came up in conversation as we were on the phone with whatever company it was for a long long time).  I'm lucky enough to not need these but Hubs-To-Be is not.  Truthfully, when she menioned it, I politely thanked her and thought nothing of it.  Later, when little K had broken Hubs-To-Be's only set of glasses I panicked.  We couldn't afford another pair and the contacts had been bothering Hubs-To-Be.  I remembered that nice lady on the phone and her great suggestion....

Um, what had she said?  Something with a Z...Uh-oh.  After some googling skills, I had found it!  And boy had she been right!  We found some nice looking pairs of glasses for $8 (there are many other options and price ranges)!  I figured it had to be a typo. But alas, $8 it was and with $4.95 for shipping one pair of glasses came out to less than $13.  Score!  I didn't care what they looked like (I'm sure Hubs-To-Be wold appreciate that, if you're reading, love, you would look good in anything!) all I cared is they were his prescription and they got here quickly.  By the way putting the precription in was easy, I have no idea what those numbers mean but it was easy to find on the prescription and plug right in.

They arrived in about a week and I was shocked.  They looked so nice!  I promptly got back online and ordered two more similar styles.  Maybe it's just our kids but they have always loved 'stealing' Daddy's glasses and the poor glasses always got a a bit of a beating (my kiddos don't know their own strength).  The glasses from Zenni continue to hold up.  They've been thrown, bent, bonked and otherwise put to work.  They held up and now that Baby G's favorite thing to do is 'rough house' with daddy and hide his glasses I think it's time to order some more.  I highly recommend them. 
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