Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Budgeting for Holidays


Get Ready for the Holidays

I know, I know. October isn't even over. But let's face it, the holidays can sneak up on us if we aren't prepared. Personally, I try to start a budget and shopping in September (or even before). It helps elevate the finacial stress if I spread it out throughout the year. I use my trusty Excel (pen a paper work., too) and I figure out A) who we need to buy presents for (usually our families focus on the kiddos more) then B) how much we can spend on that person (I come up with a realistic number. I find the older the kid the more I budget) and C) some ideas for that person.

(now some of you know why I start asking what your kids are into before they have even trick or treated!) It looks something like this

Then as the months go and check for deals- like coming to this site! :) Sometimes I'll find what I originally thought would be a great gift, other times I'll have an epiphany and realize "This Kung Fu Panda Holiday DVD is perfect for Cousin Rob!" and go with that instead...doesn't hurt that the DVD comes in under or at budget, now does it? ;) So in the end (well hopefully by the time Black Friday is over, anyway) it looks like this:

Obviously, these are only examples. Budget what your personal finances allow, look for gifts that each individual would like but don't break the bank! You can find great deals on lots of awesome items adn pay much less that retail value. Check out Shop Amazon - 2012 Holiday Toy Listfor great ideas and prices!

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