Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zenni Optical

Hubs-To-Be's Glasses

Look Great! Get Designer Eye Glasses and Frames at Great Prices!
A few years ago a customer service rep (from a company not related at all) mentioned something to us about a website for extremely reasonably priced eye glasses (I think it came up in conversation as we were on the phone with whatever company it was for a long long time).  I'm lucky enough to not need these but Hubs-To-Be is not.  Truthfully, when she menioned it, I politely thanked her and thought nothing of it.  Later, when little K had broken Hubs-To-Be's only set of glasses I panicked.  We couldn't afford another pair and the contacts had been bothering Hubs-To-Be.  I remembered that nice lady on the phone and her great suggestion....

Um, what had she said?  Something with a Z...Uh-oh. Read More!

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