Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Meals for $2 or Less (per person)

I pride myself on cooking inexpensive and (usually) healthy meals.  I usually have the ingredients for these meals on hand and they are my 'go-to' especially if we're feeling a bit of a financial pinch.  But regardless, my family really enjoys these simple and cheap meals! 

Hamburgers and Corn

$4 Meat ($1/Patty and my youngest share one- you can go cheaper by buying the meat in bulk and forming it yourself)
$1 Buns
$.50 Lettuce (less than half a head)
$.50 Pickles (less than half a jar)
$1 tomatoes and onions
$1 Corn (my store had these on sale last week 6/$1!)
$1 Avacado (optional)

Total: $9 ($1.80 per person with extra corn)

Taco Salad

$2.50 lb ground beef (bought in bulk and separated for freezing)
$.50 Lettuce (half a head)
$1.50 cup of cheese (bought in 5lb bags and separated)
$.75 Sour Cream (half a container)
$.50 onions
$1.00 salsa (less than a small bottle)
$1 Tortilla Chips (half a bag of the cheap ones to crumble in the salad)

Total: $7.75 ($1.55 per person- this makes more than 5 servings, too)

Chicken and Veggies

$2.50 (half a rotisserie chicken)
$2 Veggies (big can or two cans veggies- you can also pick fresh whatever is on sale and in season)
$.50 bread (half a loaf of store brand wheat)
$.25 butter (tiny amount for bread)

Total $5.25 (1.05 per person)


$1.25 Can of Sauce
$1 Noodles (I let the kids pick what kind of noodles)
$2 Veggies (I use what's on sale and in season, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes etc)
$2.50 lb ground beef (optional)
$.50 bread and butter Optional (half a loaf with butter and garlic powder)

Total: $7.00 ($1.40 per person and this makes more than 5 servings!)

Cheese Enchiladas and Beans

$1 corn tortillas
$2 Large Enchilada Sauce (if you make your own it's even cheaper!)
$3 2 cups of cheese
$.33 green onions
$2 beans (2 cans- I prefer black beans but my family likes re fried best)

Total: $8.33 ($1.67 per person and this makes more than 5 servings)

Do you have any cheap recipes or meal ideas?  Share them below!

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