Monday, May 6, 2013

Introducing NYX Spring Line- Affordable Makeup I Love

My Go-To Products for Daily Use

NYX has always been a favorite makeup brand of mine so when I got the chance to review the new line I did a happy little jig (not really- I danced.  I'm sure it wasn't pretty.  *disclaimer- I recieved these products for review).  The formulas are fabulous while maintaining extremely affordable prices.  NYX already had a place in my makeup collection and in my heart but after seeing and using the new products from the NYX Spring Line it now has a place in my daily routine.

First and foremost, I am in LOVE with the Wonder Pencil (my shade is Medium).  I use it mostly to conceal- I love the precision in the pencil and concealing, especially around my nose, where I am natural red-ish.You can also use the Wonder Pencil to brighten and line.  I haven't used the pencil on my water line but it can absolutely be used that way!  I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my waterline regularly, though it's a classic NYX product not new to the spring line! Both retail for $4.50- my kind of price tag.

Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam is the perfect highlighter.  I use it over my foundation to add shimmer and a luminous glow right above my cheekbone and even in the corner areas of my eye. A little goes a long way and at $7 a bottle this will last and last!

The Collection Chocolat√© consists of 6 eyeliners with all different formulas.  My favorites are the Kohl Kajal Brown Liner and the Skinny Brown Liner.  Usually, I reach for black liner but these have me grabbing them regularly.  Especially the Skinny Brown Liner for casual/everyday use.  I keep it very thin right at my lash line to stay natural looking with an extra oomph.  Perfection. At only $6 a pop it's a steal!

The spring collection from NYX has some fantastic eye shadow options, too.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am loving the No Tan Lines (on of the 22 options from the Love in Rio Palettes, which is $6).  Its the perfect trio for everyday.  I rocked the bolder color choice from Nighttime in Rio the for my bachelorette party and got lots of compliments too!

The Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palette is a 9 color palette (with 12 color selections).  Be Our Guest Maurice is one with mostly purples and a few neutrals.  I have brown eyes so purples are fantastic to play with. These run only $10

Love in Florence is the spring line's 5 color palette, sold for $8. La Dolce Vida makes smokey eyes easy with just a pop of navy but it's just one of 10 palette color choices.

I was lucky enough to get to try many of the Butter Lip Gloss color options (there are 12 total- so you know you'll find at least one that's perfect for you).  These are a fantastic formula- I expected a sticky gloss but these go on smooth and they are pigmented. I usually use them alone but they are perfect for over lipsticks, too, to create the perfect color and shine. Tiramisu
 is in my purse- it's perfect for everyday and with my natural lip or over lipstick.  (Butter Lip Gloss retails for $5.)

The Finishing Touch
I only recently learned of finishing sprays/setting sprays and I wonder how I've lived with out them my whole life.  NYX offers two different kinds.  Matte and Dewy and both work wonderfully.  Because it's starting to warm up here in AZ I've been using the Matte mostly and LOVE it.  I don't use it everyday- but when I don't it's usually just me being forgetful.  What's not to love about a quick spray and it helping your makeup stay all day?! (Make sure you are spraying a full arms length away or you'll have a face full of runny makeup!) These each cost $8!

I'm planning on doing a few 'Looks' from the spring line (and some of my other NYX products).  Anything you'd like to see?  Day? Evening? Outrageous? Natural? 
This line has it all just let me know below!


  1. I love NYX makeup as well! I have the make up artist palette and it's what I always use.


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