Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Wrapped Using It Works!

My friend from high school started posting about It Works! Wraps and other products a while back on Facebook.  I (like most, I'm sure) was skeptical and usually kept on scrolling, despite the before and after photos.

When my wedding started fast approaching I thought back to the posts I'd seen and started asking her some questions.  I had worried it was simply water weight you lost and thought it'd return within days.  I learned that for the wrap to actually work, you had to drink A LOT of water during and after wrapping- so it wasn't water weight.  Hmmm. Ok, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.

If you are thinking it's too pricey, wait!  It's actually not that bad- and with the Loyal Customer program you can get the products at 30%-70% off retail pricing. A Loyal customer commits to buying one product (any one product from the site) a month, for three months (I want to try the Greens Products which would only be $28!). After 3 months you can cancel any future orders and still receive the discounted pricing for life. Or, if you choose, you can continue to buy products monthly and after 6 months will receive free shipping on all orders and start earning points to use for free products!  I love a good points/loyal program!

So, I did one wrap before my bachelorette party and I won't lie, I expected to have to tell her it didn't work.  I measured three areas first as a base line to see if anything actually happened.  I applied the wrap to my stomach and smoothed out the bubbles as best I could.  I wrapped it up with saran wrap (you can use tight clothing as a way to keep it tight, too, but I had saran wrap and it seemed easier than worrying about my clothing staying tight enough). 

The wrap has a pretty pleasant smell- not a perfume I'd want to wear around town but it wasn't offensive to my nose at all.  Since it was my first wrap the directions said not to wear it for longer than an hour.  I was able to get some work done while wearing the wrap and that was cool- I didn't have to stay still while it did it's thing.  I was told to drink at least 2 bottles of water while the wrap was on (and then half my body weight in ounces for the next 72 hours).  After an hour I took the wrap off and rubbed in the excess gel into my skin.  I then measured again.  I actually LOST one whole inch; 1/2 inch in two of the three areas I'd measured.  Some people continue to lose for the next 72 hours too, but I didn't experience that.  The same thing happened after my second wrap! Another inch gone- and I literally changed nothing.  I have a feeling if I was wrapping, working out and eating better (and using the Greens or other supplement) my results would've been even greater.  But I will absolutely take 2 inches lost while sitting around doing homework and studying!

It worked for me.  It's not some crazy miracle product where you'll wrap and lose 10 inches over night but she never claimed that. It helped me lose an inch each time.  I'm a fan.  I honestly don't see any difference in my before and after photos of my first wrap.  But I did see a smaller number on the measuring tape! 

Check it out for yourself:

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  1. I've been wondering if this worked and it looks like it did. Great review...thanks for posting!

  2. That is so awesome. Glad it worked for you. I have one too I am dying to use, but can't for a week or so.


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