Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY Face Mask for Acne Healing (and Exfoliating Skin)

I've read that nutmeg and honey both contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  When used on your face it can help acne heal quicker.  I have heard of using nutmeg and honey as a kind of paste and applying it to your face.  I didn't like the consistency of that so I read up on other natural solutions.  I wanted to use items typically found in homes already- not things I (or you!) would have to buy for this purpose.

I found that milk is a natural and gentle exfoliator and the Vitamin D found in milk helps with skin  growth.  I did read that organic and full fat milk are best for using topically on your skin- which makes sense.  I think if you have organic honey, that would be best, too. Truthfully, I don't by organic milk often (simply because of price), sometimes I have organic honey...but I use what I have on hand.  If you aren't keen on cow's milk (or have an allergy) you can certainly use Almond Milk, if you prefer.

I'm not a scientist so use this recipe and your own common sense.  The logic of why these three things work makes sense to me and I use it and I love the way my skin feels afterwards. 

1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon milk 

Mix ingredients together to form a watery paste.  Apply to face in circular motions, being careful not to rub too hard.  Let dry and wash off (again being careful not to scratch your face- not a whole lot of pressure is needed for the nutmeg to exfoliate).  I washed it off before it was completely dry because my family wasn't being very nice.  Examples?

Whatever, I look good! ;)

When my 4 year old came into my room right after I'd applied it his reaction was "Eeew!  Why is your face gross?!" 

His dad wasn't any nicer! Hubby asked why I'd smeared poo on my face.  Hi-lar-ious.

Ok, ok.  It's not the most beautiful looking mask.  But it smells good and it works so whatever.  Mock me!

Do you have these ingredients in your fridge and pantry?  I definitely recomend trying it.  But maybe wait until you're alone. :)  Let me know your fav DIY beauty tricks below!

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