Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thermal Aid Review and Giveaway!

Thank goodness for my Thermal-Aid Large Sectional.  I have started a pretty intense workout routine and my muscles are taking a beating!  Thermal-Aid has a whole line of 100% natural heating and cooling packs for adults and kids.  You can use them for all sorts of reasons like sunburn, cramps and headaches. I've been using mine for pain and muscle relief but we have one specifically for the kids that we use for everything!

Thermal-Aid has a whole Zoo of animals for kids (or kids at heart)!  K picked out JoJo the Monkey and loves him!  I know I'm not the only one, but my kids are wild.  They love to jump, roll, dive and otherwise do dangerous things regularly.  Having JoJo makes treating the inevitable bumps and bruises they get.  JoJo is also perfect to snuggle when they have tummy aches.  He's adorable but functional!

These are both extremely easy to use- freeze or heat in the microwave based on the directions and use. Each Zoo animal is adorable but they thing I love most about all Thermal-Aid products is the fact that they are natural.  They are made of natural cotton and specially engineered corn (for the cooling heating aspect).  It's also pretty easy to clean by hand, which is always a huge plus! 

Ready for a giveaway?!  Thermal-Aid is letting me pick TWO winners!  One person will win the Adult Pack and the other winner will win a Zoo Animal (of their choice)! Open to US and Canada.  Enter below....

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  1. Thank you for the giveaway! I have really been wanting one of their products.
    Sherri L


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