Monday, February 4, 2013

Ology at Walgreens Review

Walgreens is my corner store.  It is the closest, quickest store to pop into for toiletries and the like. Plus, they have some awesome coupon match ups, although I don’t always coupon there when I do it’s usually a pretty nice discounted haul. 

I’ve noticed Ology products at my Walgreens a few times but had never purchased them.  Ology is a line of ecofriendly products for the home.  The products are free of harmful chemicals and ideal for any home, especially one with kids and pets.  The toilet paper was especially intriguing to me- it’s “Tree Free” and although I love that concept, I was worried it wouldn’t hold up to other brands.  Hubs-To-Be is fairly picky when it comes to toilet paper and I worried he wouldn’t like it.  I was talking with my cousin one day during a ‘cousin date’ which included running errands together, and somehow we started talking about the Ology products. My cousin had tried them and loved them for all sorts of reasons.  We’re both hippies at heart and Ology’s take on products for laundry, baby, cleaning, paper and personal care items certainly appealed to us.  But she’d done it first, taken the plunge to try this new line of products and she’d fallen in love.  I knew it was time.

I headed to Walgreens on a TP run and decided this is the time to go ahead and try it.  I grabbed a small 4 roll package of Ology Tree Free Toilet Paper (in case we really didn’t like it) and decided to check out the cleaning products, as well.  I usually purchase all-purpose cleaners and Ology had one at a good price, so I figured I’d try it out.  My bathroom was in dire need of a good scrub down and I figured I’d test it there.

I brought home the products and showed Hubs-To-Be the toilet paper.  He was confused; how can toilet paper be tree free?  I explained it was made from bamboo and sugar cane husk.  Our kids recently got some clothing made from bamboo which is amazingly soft, and we wondered if this toilet paper would be the same.   I wondered if the Ology All Purpose Cleaner would stack up to others I have under the sink.  I put the Ology toilet paper on the rolls and got to work on the counter of my bathroom. 

Not only did the cleaner work, it smelled better than any other cleaner I have purchased to date.  Let me explain.  There was no burning chemical smell I often get while scrubbing with other products.  It worked just as well too.  The price is comparable to other similar items so I would definitely recommend this.  I am happy to report that we all are fans of the toilet paper as well.  It’s thick (2 ply, which is what we normally purchase) and soft.  The toilet paper is priced fairly, as well.  I walked out of Walgreens with the cleaner and toilet paper for just over $5. 

I will definitely purchase both these product again.  I’ll also be purchasing some of the baby products for the kiddos next time.  In particular, I’m excited to try out the Ology All in One Baby Wash and Shampoo; it’s free of harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic. 

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  1. I think i maybe checking on the baby products by them :D


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