Monday, January 28, 2013

Soda Stream Where Have You Been All My Life?!!

I recently got a Soda Stream (Genesis) and I am obsessed.  Let me explain.  I am a soda drinker.  I drink far too much soda and won't go into details for fear you may judge me, but I'll simply state: I know it's not right, but I drink it quite often.  I usually buy cans of soda when they are on sale and my go-to is diet anything. 

I have heard of Soda Stream, as you probably have too, but I never really thought it was a product for me.  I love my soda and I always thought the sodas and drinks wouldn't taste right coming from something like this.  Until I started realizing my soda habit was really eating into my grocery budget.  Those little cans are adding up.  Plus there's the eco-factor.  Even with recycling it doesn't feel right to be buying tons and tons of aluminum cans.  I've (mostly) made the switch to reusable water bottles but didn't think it was possible to use 'reusable' soda containers...

Then I got this magically little machine.  My soda tastes amazing and Hubs-To-Be made the comment it tastes fresh, I couldn't agree more! It's ridiculously easy and so convenient.  Truthfully, I'm wondering why I haven't made the switch sooner.  Setting it up was easy, I put the CO2 can in the machine, that was it.  I used the provided bottles and filled with cold water to the line and then attached the bottle to the machine.  There's a button on top you press to get the carbonation and it makes a loud buzzing when the pressure is just right.  I like to add more carbonation on fruit flavors- it just tastes so good with all those bubbles!  To add the flavor/syrups you tilt the bottle and add a cap full (or the sample size) slowly.  Then seal the bottle up and give it a gentle shake to move the flavors all around.  Then it's ready to drink! 

We tried Naturally Sweetened Cola flavor first, then a Sparkling Natural Black Currant and Pear and last night I had Fountain Mist.  Each flavor was fantastic and the bottle is about 4 servings which makes it perfect for us (the kids don't drink sodas and such).  They have so many flavor choices- we got a sampler pack with the machine which is perfect to test out some of the most popular flavors.  I'm hoping Hubs-To-Be likes the energy flavors, that would really save us some money (he's obsessed with orange Monster's- I think they are called Monster Chaos and they can really get expensive). There are Kool Aid, Country Time, Crystal Light, MyWater and more soda flavors than you'll know what to do with!

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  1. I love it. It's one of the most beautiful contraptions on earth. Great review, really sums up the awesomeness and yes, it save a ton of money.

  2. My guy was just telling me today that it is time to purchase one of these. I have cut back on my soda drinking. but he drinks diet coke often. I am going to start pricing them and see where I can get a good deal.
    Great review.

  3. That is great makes me want to try the switch do you know what energy flavors they have?

  4. I love my soda stream too it is really good soda,great review

  5. I'm dying to try mango energy! You can see more here I'm thinking you could possible make your own flavors by mixing...I haven't tried it yet but I think Hubs-to-be would want to mix energy and an orange flavor...Yum!

  6. GREAT Review! Im soooo jealous! It would be such a rockin product to have!


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