Friday, January 18, 2013

Pourty; Encouraging Potty Training

Baby G has been showing interest in potty training for a long time.  He's only 18 months so my expectations are not outrageous.  His brother, K, was 2 1/2 years old when he quickly became interested and potty trained fast.  Baby G wants to do everything like brother, though, and I think that has a lot to do with his interest in the potty.  Regardless, we are encouraging but not pushing.

With K I had one of those little pottys with three separate pieces so cleaning it was a huge pain.  It needed cleaning and sanitizing often and taking each part off (and finding hidden 'suprises' within the layers) really annoyed me.  We switched K to a potty seat on our toilet quickly.  Baby G isn't big enough to sit on a potty seat on the toilet so I thought I'd have to deal with one of those contraptions again.  Until I heard about the Pourty!  It's all one piece so it's much easier to clean.  Also it has a high splash guard, something I always had issues with when potty training K. 

When it arrived Baby G knew immediately what to do.  He loved it!  It was cute to see him asking to sit and I was so proud.  In the beginning he kept attempting to sit backwards on the seat but after correcting him a few times he seems to have it now.  The Pourty is small but perfectly sized for our bathroom and for Baby G (and I grow them big, he's almost 30lbs now).  It's less than $15 and has free shipping on Amazon!

He's by no means potty trained.  If and when he does go in the Pourty it's usually a fluke.  We'll continue to encourage him and let him sit when he wants and get up when he wants.  I'm in no rush but I'm glad to have the Pourty for the time that is inevitably coming...when he truly becomes a big boy. It will certainly be bitter sweet.

What techniques did you or do you plan to use when potty training?

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