Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kids and Jeans: New and Gently Used Jeans for Toddlers to Teens

My kids ages are pretty spaced out.  Jelly Bean is 11, K is 3 (almost four, tear), and Baby G is 1.  When we go shopping I have to hit every section in the store.  This can take a long time and can certainly wear down some kiddos.  Imagine how thrilled I was when I found out Jeans And Kids ( had jeans from toddlers size to teen sizes!  Now imagine how excited I was when I found out I could purchase new jeans AND gently used jeans for a fraction on the regular cost. 

My kids grow so quickly that I am a huge advocate for gently used items if it'll save me some money. also has a $10 or Less section- be still my heart!  I can get stylish, name brand jeans shipped to me for all three of my kids from one store for such an amazing deal.  The jeans came quickly and my kids look fantastic in them.  Of course, my kiddos look cute in anything, if you ask me!

Jeans And Kids even has One Of A Kind jeans, complete with unique and customized jeans.  My 11 year old loves some extra bling! The site is easy to navigate, you can search by size, style or brand name.  The inventory is always changing so I recommend checking back often!

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  1. This website looks awesome! I will so have to check it out for my 4 year old. He tears through jeans like they are nothing and my hubby hates going second hand shopping (which is proposterous!) But this site will fix that :)

  2. My 7 yr old rips holes in the knees of her jeans in a matter of just a couple wears. That being said, I'm always on the lookout for a great deal on jeans. Thanks so much for the review!

  3. How neat. My boy needs some jeans. What a great way to get them.


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