Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream Review

Last night was our family's very first Disney on Ice experience together.  I started preparing the kids last week for what they could expect, you can see that post here. We got to go on opening night here in Phoenix, and the arena was packed full of families and kids, all so excited to see the princesses in Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream. 

The 'stage' (or ice? I come from a theatrical background so I consider it a stage, even if it was on ice :)) was lit up with stars before the show and the props and scenes throughout were wonderfully done with seamless set changes for each story.  But I'm getting ahead of myself!!  First thing is first, we found our seats and I took the two oldest kids up to pick out a treat or souvenir before the show started.  They both choose a 2-in-1 option in these awesome souvenir cups that had a treat inside, clearly I'm teaching them well as they both looked for the best deal! Jelly Bean picked Mickey Mouse and K opted for Tangled.  They had other options too and I had to grab something for Baby G so I went with the cotton candy mostly because of the awesome Viking hat that came with it (Hubs-to-Be is almost half 'Viking'). 

Please forgive the camera photo photos!
We settled into our seats and waited for the fun to begin!  The show centers around the three stories of Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald are helpful hosts and make appearances throughout the show, too.  From start to finish my kids were entertained!  Baby G exclaimed in his adorable 18 month old voice "Woah!" and pointed a lot at the skaters, he clapped along with us after the amazing numbers and did surprisingly well (there was a point where Hubs-To-Be took him out to walk around for a bit when he got antsy, but I didn't realize there was an intermission and he probably would've been fine if we'd waited for it).  K was mesmerized and couldn't wait to see his favorite, Flynn Rider and Maximus.

They ice skaters were amazing, with the sets and costumes, they brought these stories to life and did a wonderful job in doing so.  First we saw the story of Tiana, then Cinderella and finally, clearly a crowd favorite, Rapunzel.  The kids in the arena went nuts when they saw Flynn Rider and knew Rapunzel's story was next.  The acrobatics in that portion were fantastic and the floating lanterns were gorgeous.  The grand finale brought out all the princess favorites, which pleased Jelly Bean, as her favorite always has been (and I'm sure always will be, although, I think Merida is giving her a run for her money) Ariel. 

I highly recommend this show and can't wait for more Disney on Ice in our future!  The show is here in Phoenix until 1/13 and to find out if it's coming to your town or city nearby check out

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