Friday, December 28, 2012 A Beautiful New Thing let's you personalize your jewelry or makeup box by asking a series of questions about what you like, need, dislike and would love to try.  I opted for the makeup box, because I love good quality makeup and, well, I had to pick- I'd love to try the jewelry box the next chance I get!

I was really pleased with the process.  The makeup box boasts the total retail value to be anywhere between $80-$100 and the box costs only $40 ($36 if you sign up for the subscription) and I can confirm my box ABSOLUTELY was worth much more than the price!  First, they asked the basics, my eye color, skin tone and hair color.  Then came the fun stuff, what kind of products I like, what I absolutely didn't want etc.  My box came super fast and I was so excited to open it. 

Using the products in my box (mascara, shadow, blush and lipgloss)!
I love that the box comes with a print out of what you got, exactly, and retail values for everything.  I love makeup but I'm no expert so I loved that when I had no idea what the powder was I looked on the paper and saw it was a loose eye shadow from Swagger Cosmetics I said 'Duh' but at least I knew (score!  I love to play with colors of eyeshadow).  Also, there were some tips right there on the invoice, such a cool touch.  Now I know metallic are hot this winter and how to 'play it safe' with bronze and rose gold or go bold with ink blue or icy pink (I think I'll start safe with metallic, as I've never really explored them, except for bronze, I love bronze).

I loved every part of this box-
the perfume samples from Kai Fragrance and Spadoro (Sole Nero and Doux Amour)
MiA BelleZZa pressed blush (in a color perfect for me!)
Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow mentioned above
Two nail polish bottles (Color Club in a Metallic called LuminICEcent and another in Back to Boho: Boho Mojo)

My two favorite products where from a company, Beauty For Real, I had never used which is another reason why I love I got premium makeup I might not have ever tried and loved it so much it is now a staple in my everyday makeup.  My Miracle Mascara and Light Up Lip Gloss in My Light are amazing products and I'm so happy Wantable included them in this box.  Both the Mircale Mascara and the Light Up Lip Glass have a light in the cap to help apply and both come with mirrors to make touch ups easy. 
Eyes (my standard liner which I winged) and Mascara and Shadow from Wantable

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