Friday, December 14, 2012

Thinkfun; Stennzles and Turnstile

I've said it before and I'll say it again- if it make my kiddos think; I'm a fan.  Of course I prefer them to be having fun while thinking, which is why Thinkfun games are perfect for us!

We received two games from Thinkfun; Turnstile and Stenzzles.  They are both single player games for ages 8 and up.  I love that these are single player games.  Sometimes I can't sit down to play a game with the kids, sometimes I have homework or cleaning etc etc.  So these are perfect for your child to sit nearby and play while you encourage them but not necessarily have to be too involved.

Turnstiles is a fun spin on maze games!  You'll understand that amazing pun in just a moment; after I explain Turnstiles to you.  You use the turnstiles to shift, turn and 'spin' (see what I did there?!) to make your way around the maze to move the tokens to their respective corners.  This one really makes you think!

Really Easy to Travel With!
Stenzzles is a game we have occasionally made into a multi-player game and it is an absolute blast. Stennzles is a awesome puzzle game where you use the 8 cards to create an exact match of the puzzle.  It comes with 8 cards for stacking, a puzzle and solution book, a black background card and a stand for the stacking (I love that is comes with this stand; it makes it easy to travel with too).  It's a wonderful single personal game (K likes to 'help') but working together to match the puzzle promotes teamwork and when we can, we like to get involved and play with the kids as much as possible. 

Hubs-To-Be and I also play Stenzzles Battle.  Which we came up with just to be competitive.  We each get a chance to solve and match a random puzzle form teh booklet.  We time ourselves and the fasted one wins.  Obviously, I am always the winner ;)  
Clearly that was not correct :)

You can find out more on the website:
And see them on Amazon too: Thinkfun Turnstile PuzzleStenzzlesOther Thinkfun Games

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  1. Those games look really cool & fun Thank you for the review never seen these before

  2. Wow, these look fun! I haven't heard of them - thanks for the review!

  3. Single player games - we don't have enough of these! Those look really fun, I bet my bigger bunch would love them. Thank you for sharing

  4. That looks like so much fun! We would never doubt that you would always beat hubs-to-be!


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