Saturday, December 1, 2012

Healthy Suprise; A New Family Favorite!

Healthy Surprise is a monthly box full of, you guess it, healthy surprises!  This box with over 15 items.  We got samplings of old favorites and now new favorites too!   My favorite part as a mom was watching how excited my kids got over the unveiling of the box- it was nicely wrapped and they felt like they were opening a present. 




I put the box in the pantry and when they asked for a snack we went to ‘the box’.   Because these surprises are all healthy food options, I had no problem letting them pick.  Baby G and especially K loved the independence of choosing their own snacks.  The first to go were ‘That’s It’ bars, these were new to us and luckily we got two in our box (different flavors) because they devoured one (mama made them share) and later asked for another! 

They loved picking!

K picked the Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies as a treat after dinner one night and Baby G keeps trying to get Coco-Roons out of the box.  A new favorite, one product I had never even heard of (that’s the beauty of this box! It’s a product we may have never found on our own) is Bobo’s Oat Bar!  A bag of Barefruit that is perfect for throwing in my bag for a snack came in our box too (See how much we loveBarefruit here).  K has claimed the Larabar for his next after dinner treat.  There are still lots of options left and we’ve been snacking for days already.  You can check out Healthy Surprise here and find out which box is right for you!

Devouring his That's It bar.

I recieved this product to review and as always, my opinions are 100% mine. If you have question regarding this please visit my Diclosure and Policies Tab or contact me. Thank you!


  1. This box looks interesting, and awww at your little men. This is something I would share with my 2 yr old too. Thanks for the review!!

  2. Oh yum, that does look like delicious fun!!!


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