Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hubs-To-Be is hard to shop for.  I always want to get him big grand gifts after all; he deserves the world.  But alas, our tight budget rarely allows for gift at all and certainly doesn't give me wiggle room for expensive gifts. 

My Hubs-To-Be is a grilling man and I love when he grills up dinner on the weekends.  He truly makes some of the most delicious meats and veggies out there on the grill (the grill we bought on Mother's Day last year after our very old one went to the grill heaven in the sky).  I won't even think of ordering a steak at a restaurant.  It's never as good (and costs way more than if I put my grill man to work at home). 

Looks like our grill could use a good wipe down...
When I found Gril-Lit I was so excited!!  It's an automated grill light! It was perfect; he had actually recently complained that it was too dark out there while he was grilling.  It attaches to the grill lid and illuminates the cooking surface and it's hands free!  It the perfect guy gift and I'm really excited for him to open it Christmas morning!

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